Oh to be 19 again.....

The last couple of days we have had a beautiful visitor.

My 19 (nearly 20) year old beautiful cousin who is also my god daughter.

I love her to bits.

She is a confident, beautiful, intelligent and cheeky young woman.


How did she grow up so quickly and beautifully..........?

We spent a lot of our time shopping.

Shopping in stores that I normally bolt past.

Stores with bright lights and even louder music.

Stores with clothes that are all single digits, in both size and price !

And then the next day we hit my favourite opshops.

We had all sorts of fun trying on the very best and worst that was on offer.

And we lunched, chatted, and laughed.

Discussed the joys of housemates (oh so glad that I will never have housemates EVER again)

The state of her brother's love life.

Her love life.

And even how G and I first 'got together' (her words, not mine).

I love you to bits Miss S.

Come back and visit soon.