Dear Ruby.... Part two

Miss Ruby,

There are going to be many chapters to our story sweet girl.

This week, G and I become your Guide Parents :

"We, the GuideParents, agree to reserve a special place in our hearts for you Ruby. To offer you our support, love and guidance at all times."

We are so proud to be have been chosen as your GuideParents.

It as an honor that we don't take lightly.

You can come to us. Always. For love. Advice. Guidance. A bed. A shoulder to cry on. An ear to listen. A wise word or two.
And when you are old enough, an appreciation for fine food and wine.

Sunday we celebrated YOU. With your extended family and friends.

The first of many celebrations that we'll have with you Ruby.


  1. Ruby is beautiful and I love the 'pledge' to her, it's similar to the one our kid's guide parents came up with.


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