Creative Space is a Happy Space

" i"m really good, thanks for asking ! I absolutely made the right decision this week. SO happy with it. Market this weekend, I'm not stressed, just excited ! WHo am i ????? "

I'm the better, focused, more relaxed and far more energised version of me ! That's who ! 

I wrote the above comment in a facebook conversation with some lovely women, asking R U OK ? 

And I am. I'm great ! Happy a fantastic week.

And being so very creative.....

I wanted to make some new business cards, by upcycling some old business cards.

Out came the spray adhesive, old cards, thrifted fabric, trusty sewing machine and brand new stamp : 

Sewing fabric, spray adhesive and card was not easy.

So frustrating that I forgot to take photos of the sewing in action.

But, I did get it work.

And I'm SO happy with the results.

The cards are just what I wanted and will make their debut this Saturday.

What's happening in your Creative Space this Thursday

Dee x


  1. Love your new cards!
    I don't think I'm going to get a chance to come along this Saturday. I'll have to wait for the next one. Drats.


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