The world according to me....

So, I am having a poor health week. Mentally and physically.
No big deal, just what happens when you add chronic illness and lots on....every now and then the body says NO.
I need rest.

So, I've been doing what I do to make myself feel better. That includes, but is not limited to, lying on couch, cups of tea and watching episodes of Glee.

I love Glee !

And since this season's finale I'm been thinking about much the world needs more Bert Hummels.

You see, Bert is the father of Glee's fabulously gay character Kurt. ( I know, let's forgive the unfortunate Bert and Kurt naming!)

In the season finale, Bert revisited a moment when he fully accepted and embraced Kurt.


Well, with song and dance of course!

And not just any song and dance, no, Bert took on Beyonce's Single Ladies !


And this brings me to why we need more Bert Hummels.

He accepts his gay son and loves him for who he is.
He advocates, fiercely for his gay son, especially at school.
He's a politician so he will fight for Marriage Equality. Not just so that Kurt and Blaine can have the best, most fabulous wedding that Ohio will ever see, but so that when they adopt they each have equal rights as parents.
So they are both protected by equal healthcare, insurance, laws that protect and enable them.

You see for me, that's what the current Marriage Equality debate is about. Not such one day in our lives. But all the days we live with laws that discriminate against us. We are all equal and it is time that our laws reflect that.

And now, I have episodes of Downtown Abbey to catch up.

enjoy your long weekend.

Dee x


  1. I love this! I agree Burt's are more needed around here!


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