Who the Hell am I ???

Who the HELL am I ?? 

Good question Eden.
Did you read Eden, because if you don't, you most definitely should.

So, Eden has asked and answered this question of herself.
And then asked the question of us.

So here, goes.....who the hell am I ?

I am a woman
I'm gay
I'm "married"*** to the love of my life
I have a chronic illness
I also suffer from mental illness
I'm a lot healthier this year than I have been any time over the last five years, mentally and physically
I can't work due to chronic illness
I would prefer to be working.
I love social media and think someone should pay me to 'do something' in social media
I love making and creating. Be that blog posts, knitting, sewing or cooking.
I HATE when people use the word gay to describe something as stupid or wrong.
I really love good food. I love it even more when other people cook it for me.
I really love good wine and cheese. And chocolate.
I love travelling. 
I'm quite messy, but I think that I'm not.
I yearn for a baby, but I'm not supposed to talk about it. I'm guessing blogging about it = talking about it. 
I love photography.
I love my volunteer job (this is actually what I'd like to be made to do)
I love handmade. Handmade by me and others.
I love my family, but sometimes they drive me mad.
I was straight until I met Georgie girl in Edinburgh, UK.
I'm overweight and I'm not as stressed about it as I probably should be.
I love living back in Melbourne. 

So, that's who the HELL I am.

Joining in with Eden and her Fresh Horses Brigrade

***inverted commas because of course same sex marriage is illegal here, as obviously our whole society will crumble in on itself if we were to allow two loving females or males  to actually marry each other.sadly if it was legal though I still wouldnt be.  Italic ted sentence added by my beloved. She's happy to commit to me, but not to marriage. Which actually isn't the point I was making. But thanks for showing an interest in my blog darling girl. 


  1. One day we will look back at the dragging of our feet on this inequality and feel ashamed. Oh and I'm wild about our home town too x


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