Snap it : Everyday

I do love Sarah's Snap It Wednesday challenges.

Today is all about : EVERYDAY.

There are many things that happen here every day, some delicious, some loving, some essential and some just mundane.

However, the first thing that sprung to mind, possibly because it's that time of the day, is coffee.

Oh I do love my coffee.

We're lucky to have a beautiful coffee machine and the perfect cups at home.

The warm frothy milk courtesy of that unmistakable hissing and coughing milk steamer. It's an abrupt sound that literally rattles you awake with it's violence and tenacity.

And then the coffee grinder with it's spinning blades banishes sleepy repose and sets you for the task ahead.

The task of making the perfect espresso. It starts with perfectly ground beans. The exacting measurements. The final tap before it's up to the machine to do it's thing.
And then, like me early morning, it resists, the pressure and hot water almost too much before it releases it's liquid gold.

The perfect espresso with a beautiful crema. Sloshed into hot milk.
To create perfection in a cup.

I do love my morning coffee. Everyday.


  1. Only cos it is too early to justify red wine. Right Dee?

  2. Good one, me too, especially as it's usually my only coffee for the day!

  3. Oh I wish I loved coffee! I love the smell, I love how it looks and I love how someone can say...'Ooohhh, that was lovely!' But I just don't like the taste! I love a good hot chocolate though!

  4. I don't drink coffee but everyone assures me Melbourne has the best!! Looks pretty ace, like the smell too, just not the taste. I sipped on a hot chocolate today, lovely while the children dashed around in 0C at school this morning, brrr Canberra. Love Posie

  5. I don't actually drink coffee, but LOVE the aroma! Great photos though Dee, I can see why you love it so! xo

  6. I love coffee too
    Have resisted the urge for a machine cos I love the whole going out experience too


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