Snap It : Alpahabet (my skewed interpretation)

ok, so I might have just read 'alphabet' and gone with it......
and then read :
Something that looks like a letter of the alphabet.

However, I really need a SNAP IT post today.
I'm still a bit emotional from my last post.

So, please forgive me.
And enjoy the very best graffiti I've ever seen.
This was taken at Yale, the Ivy League College in New England USA.
  Enjoy the rest of your week,

Dee x


  1. Great piece of graffiti.. enjoy your week.

  2. I did this snap it post 'wrong' too!! Oh well! Sometimes capturing letters around our city is a delightful surprise! And with your last post....when I see the color purple, it reminds me of my dear old mum who passed away from that terrible disease....always think happy memories xx

  3. i love this! you have captured the whole alphabet! there is no right or wrong with the snap it challenges just use your creative mind x

  4. Good one! Great eye, I would never think to take a snap if I saw that!


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