Holiday post #1

hello there,
I may or may not be on holiday at the moment.
Details later.

In the meantime, enjoy the very belated posts from our 'holidaymoon' from earlier this year : 

This continues on from this post :

"Sail away, sail away, sail away....."

Well we've made it to Bangkok! And what a way to get here.

We cruised out of Singapore with champagne in hand enjoying a beautiful sunset. Two days at sea and this morning we had breakfast with a view of bustling Bangkok. This is definitely the way to travel.......

Our cabin is beautiful. The food is amazing. The wine is plentiful and did I mention G&T happy hour ??

I thought I might have gotten bored with two full days at sea, but it turns out I can relax quite well. We were so busy leading up to this trip - I was still packing as the taxi arrived to take us to the airport. And all the exploring and eating in Singapore kept us busy. It's been a delicious relief to just sit.



Have afternoon naps.

Sit in comfortable silence.

Long lunches.


Even longer dinners.

That's been the agenda for the past two days. As relaxing as it's been.....and much needed, I'm relishing the thought of throwing ourselves into the steaming metropolis of Bangkok today.

Once again, we're visiting a city we've both been to numerous times. This gives us the chance to explore new places and seek different experiences.

People watching.

Food, food and more food.

Enjoying the bustle, sights and sounds of this great city. And hopefully a great massage.

And then after two days we'll reboard our "floating hotel" and set sail for Vietnam.

Some pics of our travels so far.......

 And from Bangkok and beyond coming up tomorrow.....

Do you have a favourite way to travel ?
Where's your dream travel destination ?

Dee x