And then the rain stopped....

It was COLD this weekend,
really COLD.
And quite wet, rainy and dreary.

As a family we needed to get OUTside today.

So, when the rain cleared we headed to the park and walked.
Despite still being cold, it was a beautiful day....

he who makes us a family....

I've made a pact with myself, as soon as it is warmer, or at least drier, there will be a picnic with wine and cheese under this magnificent tree

 And for a pleasant change my DSLR came with me.
It was really good to wander, slowly and take loads of photos.

 the colours,
the fresh air,
the cold,
It was good.
Good for the soul.
and then of course, 
there was beer and dumplings.......

Hope you had a relaxing long weekend.

Dee x


  1. Such a perfect day for a cold brisk walk yesterday!


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