Snap it : Yellow

Since last week's car accident 
I have been spending more time on public transport.
That, and this week's theme of YELLOW
have inspired thoughts of New York City.

In particular, the iconic YELLOW cabs and school buses :

Maybe all the money I'm saving on NOT driving will fund another trip to NYC ???

Hope your Wednesday is full of bright yellow fun,



  1. I love those pics and I would love to ride in a a yellow school bus!!!

  2. A trip to NYC sounds fabulous! nice yellow here.

  3. Love the yellow bus!! Sorry to hear about your accident & hope you do get to go back to NYC!

  4. I would love to visit NYC and get to ride in a yellow cab, love the yellow bus.

  5. I would love to go to NYC one day. Love the buses.

  6. Dream big and you'll visit New York again! The buses look pretty cool too!

  7. Oh Dee, so sorry to hear about your car accident, what a bugger!
    Loving your pics of yellow though. There is something about yellow cabs and buses, I find them fascinating because we don't have anything like that here xo

  8. I hope so Dee! NYC is just so fab! x


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