Dear Ruby......

Dear Ruby,

Tomorrow you are FOUR weeks old.
I'm so glad we got to hang out at your place and mine last week.

You're a very sweet girl.
I have a feeling you and I are going to get along nicely.
So far you are a champion sleeper and feeder.
Please keep this up for your Mum and Dad's sake.

Cranky, crazy o'clock is ok too.
Especially just after Mum has eaten her dinner and before it gets too late.
You are a beautiful pink princess.

The apple of your daddy's eye.
Your mum is strong and beautiful and a great role model for us all.
You are so lucky to have a big sister and a big brother.

You are sweet, innocent and beautiful.
You will be a well traveled girl who will see the world.
You are loved.

Dee xxx


  1. Dee this is so beautiful & she is just divine..x

  2. These images are just gorgeous! She is just precious! Enjoy her! May she give you a lifetime of wonderful memories! Have a lovely weekend x


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