That's an (Easter Egg) Wrap

This time last year we were in England for Easter.
And I finally got why George, my lovely English lass, was never so fussed about Easter.
Her family don't celebrate Easter.
Sure, they have the odd Easter Egg, but the whole gathering/celebrating/eating thing that I've always known to be Easter just didn't happen.

Adorable English nieces last Easter

This possibly explains why I  was a bit eggcited (so sorry!) about having Easter at home this year.

In our family, Good Friday* has always been the big family day.
After the formal part of the day, we got down to celebrating with my family.
There was alot of food, wine and laughs.

  And because I was in charge of dessert and because I was inspired by Emma's Easter treats,
I baked :
Hot cross bun inspired cupcakes with a mixed spice frosting = YUM 
and I took some photos before all the wine got in the way !

I hope you had a lovely Easter with your family,

Dee x

*Working on Good Friday post now.....


  1. Great job Dee! Loving those hot cross bun cupcakes. Your Good Friday sounds like a great family tradition!


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