Sunday Snippets

There was the most beautiful rainbow on our walk this afternoon,
and it nicely summed the week that was.
Stressful, sometimes crappy, but in the end...
a week that ended with a rainbow on a walk with my family. 
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Hope you are finding rainbows on your Sunday,
Dee x


  1. Thanks Heaps, rainbows every day for me and hope they're there for you this week too ;)

  2. Love these photos. Can't wait to read Bloom - I love Kelle's blog :-)

  3. Thank goodness for rainbows...have a great week ahead. x

  4. Great photos and what a great close to the week! Are you enjoying Bloom? Saw it in the bookstore and thought it looked good.

    Nice to meet you through Sunday Snippets!

  5. Toast soldiers. Aren't they the best? Great photos.


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