Snap it : Water

As I sit here and watch the rain teaming down and gutters overflowing,
there is no shortage of  WATER inspiration today.

Here's a few pics that have been inspired by this week's SNAP IT theme:
Water :

The Yarra, and then a rainbow reflected in a puddle

Crazy rain in Singapore, Feb 2012. Thankfully we were in a bar nice and dry with good beers.

One more from the Hoi An photography tour, Feb 2012 

The incredible thing for me about the above photo is just how crucial this stretch of water is to this elderly Vietnamese man.
It provides, food, an income in selling fish and vegetation,
and then of course the same water source is used for all drinking, cooking and cleaning water.
His house is even perched on the riverbank. 

Meanwhile, here in Melbourne, the rain is still coming down in sheets of water.

Enjoy the rest of the week, Dee


  1. Such interesting water images, I love the reflection of the rainbow in that top one, beautiful shot!

  2. Love the layers in the design of the melbourne photo - it just goes on and on. also goota say i love Melbourne too! I found you at snap it every wednesday where I am No 17

  3. Love the brightness of the rainbow on otherwise a grey day! x


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