Snap It : Sweet

Really ?
It's Friday did that happen ?

Catching up on Wednesday's Snap It ; Sweet.

I have a sweet tooth.
I'm the sort of person who reads the dessert menu first.
I am quite happily rewarded with sweet treats.

On my walk this morning I passed by our local bakery and decided I needed a sweet fix :

The sugar.
The sweet thick custard.
The divine pastry.
The sugar.
SO good.

The sun was shining, the cake was delicious and I had a spare hour :

Enoy your weekend,


  1. New reader here!. Been following you on Instagram for a while and love your pics :)
    I live in Melb too :)
    You can find me on Instagram @missmommyblog and my blog is
    See you around :)

  2. where be this bakery that you speak of?


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