Putting in my two cents worth.....

There was an article written in two of  the Sunday papers this weekend.
I eagerly anticipated the article as it was about some of my favourite bloggers.
I was hoping for a smart article of the power, fun, intelligence and support 
that exists within the blogging community.

The article has caused hurt and a lot of  conversation, here and here.
Even before I read the above posts and the storm on twitter, blogs and facebook,
the tone of the article just didn't sit right with me.
Aside from the fact that the article contained some very big factual errors,
I think it missed the point. And a great opportunity.

Now, I understand that print journalists have a lot of restrictions on their work:
word limits, ideas from editors and  responsibilities to advertisers etc,
so maybe the journalist in question did not get her voice across.
 (that doesn't excuse factual errors tho)

I'd like to think that if I had time with these 
real, funny, hardworking, intelligent women,
I would have asked  and printed different questions.

I would have asked Beth what her next recipe will be, 
because her recipes are awesome.
Her chicken noodle soup has become a staple in our house.
I definitely would have asked Eden about Africa.

I would have asked both of them about their blogging experiences and the amazing  real connections they have made through their blogs.
I would have asked them their thoughts on how awesome it is when women  juggle motherhood, day jobs, relationships and illness. And do this with a sense of humour. And awesome pics.
And share it with the rest of us and then we don't feel so alone and crappy.
Because we read their blogs and they give us a laugh, or hope, or sometimes the realisation that even if I'm stuck at home in bed with chronic pain, life is still ok.

That's the article I wanted to read.
On my iPad, in bed with a coffee on Sunday morning.
Not the article that I did read.

And another gripe, why do we as women feel the need to attack other women's choices ?
In work, fashion, lifestyle and words.
Really irritates me.

So that's my two cents worth.
Thoughts ????


  1. How did I miss that you have this blog??!!! You're right about this, its really frustrating when the right questions are not asked & therefore a completely different picture is painted, very unfair, drives me crazy..x


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