"Life is a roller coaster"

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Oh it really does feel like this today.

I was on such a high on Saturday.
I achieved something that I really didn't think was possible.
And I celebrated. With Champagne and my girl cooking dinner.
All was good.

Monday and I had good treatment and even a positive dr appointment.

And then I crashed (literally) back to earth.

It wasn't a major car accident. And it wasn't my fault.
But my car and body both need some repair work.
The body is getting it in the form of cups of tea, drugs, trashy tv, lovin' from my girl and plenty of rest.
The car ? Well experts will make her pretty again.

The flip side of course is that the roller coaster will have to go back up, so that means something good is on the way again......right ?


  1. Oh Dee, you poor thing! I do love the quote though, a different way of looking at life....rest up okay...at least Melbournes weather is at its best for a pajama day and to recover...rainy, cold, lovely. x


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