Grateful for my Pa

I did have quite a light hearted (read flippant and self important) 
Grateful post planned for today.
In fact I was writing it this morning : 

Then, my mum come over with a file of letters.
Not just any letters, these are letters written by my Grandfather home from his time in second world war.

These letters are amazing.
From  the quite  profound to surreal  statements :

"It was a shell that hit him. It came right into the pit which he was in. He was killed instantly so he didn’t know anything about it, so that’s one good thing isn’t it Mother dear

We had a very good trip over here and hope to have the same trip home again

I knew my amazing, loving Pa.   Knew him well.
But I knew him as a kind, slightly frail, cheeky, funny, affectionate old man.

ok, not frail in this photo, but one of my favourites, and the next day - definitely frail !

Getting to know him as a cheeky, caring, daring, brave 25 year old soilider is a gift.
And a tearjerker.

Pa's Army photo - I have this framed, but somehow the cover of the files of letters seemed more appropriate.

And so today I am grateful for my Pa.
For survival.
For him marrying my Ma and having two beautiful daughters,
and for myself, my brother and my cousins.

My Pa and his family, my fiesty beautiful Ma and their two amazing daughters, my mum and aunty.

My Ma and Pa with my Mum at her wedding to my Dad

 Just for the record, I am now in tears, but on a roll, so bear with me.
These letters are so more powerful when you can witness what could have been lost.
And indeed for a great many, what was lost.

 I am in SO much trouble if any of my family read this post and see this photo !
So, cheers to my darling Pa, and thankyou for leaving us with such a gift.


  1. What a beautiful post ... treasure those letters ~ they are gold.
    Have a great week, and thanks so much for your kind words on my blog.

  2. How very very special to have those letters and to have had such a lovely relationship with your Pa.


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