Grateful for a car accident

So, last week I had a car accident and today I am GRATEFUL

Well, maybe I'm NOT grateful, but the following people are :

1. The polar bears and rainforests because obviously they will now be saved as  I am off the road.

2. The panel beaters who will make lots of money trying to fix my lovely "Dixie" station wagon.

3. The insurance company, because even tho the accident wasn't my fault, they will get money. Somehow. From someone (quite possibly me)

4. Melbourne Public Transport Inc. Going to be spending lots more money on trams, buses and trains.

5. My local corner shop, we've 'popped in' 7 seven times over the weekend alone.

6. My electricity company, being stuck at home last week meant I spent a lot more time watching tv and on the computer (ooops, maybe that cancels out the polar bears!)

7. My thighs. They are going to get smaller with all the walking and they are decidedly unhappy with the size they are at the moment.

8. My dog, guaranteed to get more walks and more time socialising outside the bank/post office and greengrocers.

9. My wife, altho she is having to do more of the grocery shopping, she gets to buy ingredients for her favourite meals.

10. My bed and couch, they get lonely when I am actually productive and leave them for whole days at a time.

Fair bit  of this type of activity has been happening.....

On  a much more serious note, I am truly grateful for :

- Comprehensive Insurance, as the person who hit me has given me misleading details, at least the car can be fixed or replaced and all will be ok.

- The lovely kindness of a stranger who stopped to help. I was hysterical and she got the details, checked I was ok and even drove me to my Dr. Bless her. I will send her flowers this week.

- Strong painkillers.

- That the accident wasn't worse, because it could have been a lot worse !

- My Georgie, her patience love and care know no limits.

So, that was last week. And I will be grateful, rest up and move on.

What are you grateful for? Head over to Maxabella Loves for more gratefulness.


  1. Dee that's terrible! I'm so glad to hear you're ok, and just look at you, looking on the bright side!! Take care lady..xx

  2. Your list was hilarious! But I guess that’s one way of putting it. Accidents can sometimes give some new and different perspective. Yes, what happened was quite frustrating, especially with the auto damage. But when you look at it on a different angle, you can see some advantages – however trivial they may be – of the situation.


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