Trying to find myMoJo, one thing at a time....

Ever since we got home from our holiday money has been tight.

This has meant less brunches, lunches and dinners out (BOO)
and more creative dining in.
At the same time post holiday blues have left me feeling very uninspired.
In the kitchen, on the blog, in the sewing room......anywhere....!

But, thankfully, possibly through sheer necessity, the creative flair is slowly returning to the kitchen.

Fresh, cheap and new favourites

Chicken Noodle Soup courtesy of this very talented lady

So with the flair back in the kitchen,
will the same be said (or written)
for the blog?
Life plans?

Hmmmm, we'll see !

In the meantime at least we are eating well.

How did get out your funks ?

Dee x