Snap It : Up Close

Ok, I have dusted myself from yesterday and am ready for a whole new day.

It's Wednesday which means it's Sarah's Snap It Wednesday .
This week's theme is Up Close.
Back to the holiday files I went and was spoilt for choice.
It was this photo of another wonderful old Vietnam woman working in the fields that best captured it for me :

Whilst in Hoi An we took part in an amazing photography tour.
We had such an amazing day and took some amazing photos.
We were literally UP CLOSE and personal as these beautiful people got on with their daily lives.
For more 'up close' photos visit Sarah's beautiful blog.

Happy Hump Day!
(I'm over this week already)
Dee x


  1. Wow, that would've been an amazing day! What a cool experience.
    Great shot...I love that it leaves me wondering & imagining the unseen surroundings of this hand. Leaves me wanting more....perfection.

  2. I am over this week too!!! I love that picture!! And I love those pants!!


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