Snap It Wednesday

Hello ! 
I've been having computer issues so have been an absent blogger.

Today I'm joining in with Sarah's Snap It Wednesday:

This week's topic is OLD.

I automatically thought of this beautiful, old  lady we photographed in Vietnam.
She herself told us she was old.
In a "conversation" that was mostly hand signals and big smiles.

This lady had the best smile.
And amazing hands, leather like that had most certainly lived to tell a tale.

I loved that we could communicate with very little words,
her English being about as good as our Vietnamese.
And that she loved having her photo taken and insisted on seeing the photos on our cameras.

and because I missed last week's SNAP IT WEDNESDAY
Here is what I was going to post for LOVE :

There's alot of LOVE in this photo of my mum, myself and G at our anniversary party.

Happy Wednesday,
Dee x


  1. Two gorgeous photos. The old lady in Vietnam looks like a sweetheart!

  2. I'd love to visit Vietnam I've heard a lot of stories of people's travel there. She looks like an interesting character for sure!

  3. That Vietnamese lady is just gorgeous! So pretty! I love that when you travel to Asia, everyone is always smiling, so happy!

  4. Great shot!! Well you girls look great too.


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