Dear Dr

I'm drinking wine and am in my pjs....on a Tuesday.

Because according to the Dr I saw today, this is as good as it's going to get for me.
Yep, at the ripe old age of 34 he's put me on the shelf.
At least as far as 'meaningful employment'  is concerned.

Now, this was NOT  a Dr I chose to see, it was a third party directed Dr appointment.
I was sent to him for an independant analysis of my depression and anxiety.
How do you think my depression is after being told that pearler ????

So, a psychiatrist tells me that after over 5 years out of the workforce,
due to a neck injury that has progressed into a chronic pain situation
with a dash of depression* and apparently I have found myself unemployable.

I found several things wrong, depressing, disheartening and alarming about this.
As I'm sure you can imagine.

As I said, I'm 34.
University educated.
Plenty of work and life experience.
A very strong work ethic.
 A creative side.
So am I really unemployable ?

And if I am.....what then?

Depsite my ticking biological clock,
kids don't look likely (more on that soon) so, stay at home mum is out.

Which leaves what exactly..........?

This is what is consuming my thoughts tonight.
And most likely the next few days.

*Actually as I read that line he maybe right!


  1. what a frustrating and upsetting bit of news to receive! i guess there's not much to do but to do the things you love, and keep living your life :D

  2. You can do this. Alot. alot alot. Because its great!

    Never say never. Im not going down the kids path either - which is why we get to drink wine on a Tuesday night! (although I would hardly say your clock is ticked out just yet!)
    T x


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