Party Planning

In January, the love of my life, Georgina (George) and I will celebrate our 10 year Anniversary.

And to celebrate, we are having a big party.

Not to get TOO political, but here is how I 'summed' it up to a relative recently :
"Our party is our first and only way of celebrating/announcing and reconfirming our relationship with our family and friends. So, there'll be cake and speeches, but we already wear the rings!"

Which we do, because we got 'hitched' in Las Vegas six years ago. Of course, that ceremony is only binding in the eyes of us and Elvis. Yes, we were married by Elvis!

Ten years is a long time, a miracle if you ask George, so we are celebrating.

Every party needs to start with a really good invite right ?

That's what I thought :

All invites made using template from Photo credits : WildAboutMelbourne

 We've travelled ALOT, met in Edinburgh, married in Las Vegas, now living in get the idea.
I knew I wanted the whole party to have a travel theme, so that started with the invites.

George's mum drew the Two Galahs logo and the front and I used a very clever template from aylee bits who has all sorts of fabulous wedding/event inspiration.

I love how the passport Invite, boarding pass Save the Date and boarding pass RSVP card all turned out.
They were ALOT of work, but Mum and I spent many hours chatting, sipping wine and party planning while our production line was in full swing, so worth every minute.

Now, the invites are sent, venue booked.....I need to get my table decorations finished and metres and metres of map bunting made.

Dee x


  1. They look amazing! What a great idea. Look forward to reading how it goes :o)


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