" I feel pretty and witty and gay....."

I was literally singing the song and dancing the dance as soon as I put this beautiful dress on. 

It's a dress made for skipping, twirling, sipping cocktails and partying. 

Despite not being a "girlie" girl, I do like all of the above and I LOVE this dress.

My good friend and talented lady, Ann, from 1 Puddle Lane asked me to be one her Blossom dress 'Guinea Pigs'.

Hmmm the chance to have a beautiful dress custom made for me and then have lots of fun wearing it and posing for fun photos ?

Yes please ! 

I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I was when my dress arrived.

Beforehand Ann had sent me very easy instructions to take the measurements and a choice of fabric combinations. She also made it super fast so that I can wear it this weekend for part two of our Anniversary celebrations.

And then it arrived! Oh my! The pretty fabric, impeccable sewing and tailoring is just beautiful.

And then I put it on ! 

I love it.....

It fits perfectly.
It twirls.
It feels pretty.
It makes me feel confident to wear a dress.
It was made just for me ! 

Ann will be starting to take orders in Feb, so stop by her website and get yourself some pretty:
1 Puddle Lane
Blossom Dress soon to be available from 1 PuddleLane on facebook
and you can email Ann at 1PuddleLane@gmail.com

I'm off to sip gin and tonics and twirl.....

editors note - photos by the lovely Georgie Girl


  1. Dee, I love the post and love what you said. Thank you so much. You do look very gorgeous in your lovely Blossom Party Dress.

  2. what a beautiful dress! perfect for twirling and sipping and most importantly, celebrating!
    hope you ave a fabulous time!

  3. and you wear it so beautifully too Dee! glorious work once again from Ann. enjoy your celebrations this weekend x

  4. Hi,
    I just found your blog, though your instagram.
    I really like this dress it suits you, even without being a girlie girl. :)
    Can't wait to read more of your blog, which I'll be doing now so you might get a flood of comments (sorry in advance lol)


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