Honeymoon, oops I mean Holiday : Singapore

Good morning from a hot and sticky and stormy Singapore.
So, the party is over and am happy to report a big success.

We're now on our much needed holiday, or as I like to call it....our honeymoon!

We've had a fantastic two days in Singapore. I do love this city. We've visited before so this time can explore the new and not yet seen.

There's been lots of yummy and cheap food. Mostly delicious dumplings - I can't get enough of them!

We treated ourselves to tickets to see the musical Wicked. Such an amazing show with a very talented Aussie cast, including Bert Newton.

The Singapore Botantical Gardens were beautiful, especially the orchid garden. And when the afternoon tropical storm hit we were safely dry and hydrated in our seats at Singapore's best microbrewery.

Time to move on to the next port of call today.....

Hope you enjoy the pics.

Blogging from my phone so, not sure how this will look as a post....

Dee x


  1. Fantastic pics Dee. Looks very inviting and might need to put it on our list of future destinations. Keep enjoying yourselves.
    X Ann


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