Grateful for my Mum

There is going to be a very common theme on this lil old blog over the next few weeks.....Yep, you guessed it! Our 10th Anniversary Party. (see earlier post)

It's occupying my mind, creative space and letter box with RSVPs coming in.

It's also occupying that part of me that gets frustrated with people who can't see things that they are slightly out of the box. Or doesn't fit what they think is "normal".

However, today is Sunday and I'm joining in with Maxabella Loves and being Grateful.

And this week I'm Grateful for my Mum.
My lovely Mum has thrown herself into party planning with great gusto. We've handmade all the invites together and Mum is coming up to Melbourne every week for a couple of days to make, bake, plan and decorate with me.

Even better than the practical (and financial) assistance to throw this party is Mum's unwavering support.

I know, it would be "easier" if George and I "got married" or had a commitment ceremony (I hate that term) but we're not. We got hitched in Las Vegas 6 years ago, we are committed to each other and have been for ten years. That's worth celebrating !

But for lots of people, family and friends, it's just a party, not something special that they should be bothered about missing. They seem to be missing the point- this is a celebration of our life together. Is that not what a wedding is ?

Through all the conversations, Mum is our biggest defender, she's excited to celebrate what we have and in our way.

No once has she said " well maybe you could just have a little ceremony...."
And I am SO grateful that she hasn't.

So thank-you Mum, for always being supportive, but especially at the moment.

What are you Grateful for this week?
To join in the fun, head over to Maxabella Loves and next week join her over at Kidspot

Happy Sunday,
Dee x

My beautiful Mum not overly happy having her photo taken !
Invite making.....


  1. I would be at your celebration in a heartbeat, Dee. I think love is a unique and individual thing that can be celebrated at any time. Regardless of how, it is always special and always worth witnessing. x

  2. Awww that really is something to celebrate. What a sweet mom to take the time and really show her support.


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