The List.....that was and maybe a new one

Last year the lovely tinniegirl challenged us to write a " to do list " for 2011.

Now  I love a good list, so jumped in and wrote a reasonably acheivable list.

As the year ends I thought it would be good to see how I went :

Maintain an (almost) drug free pain management regime - and this was the big one, but alas, only 2/5 for this one. Some days/weeks were definitely better than others.

Take the Wii Fit out of the box and actually use it - Oops ! This is happening today, I promise. I did exercise, but not as much as I should have, 0/5 for this one

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - I have been upcycling ALOT - so I'll give myself 4/5 for this one

Blog more - regularly and honestly - well, I didn't on my other blog where this list first appeared and it was a constant source of  annoyance and dissapointment (to me).  Which is why I started THIS blog, so we'll call this a work in progress......

Be more adventurous in the kitchen - 3/5  lots of new recipes tried, but again once I found one we liked, I cooked  it so often that we no longer enjoy it.

Buy more presents for Georgie - added by Georgie, so I'm not commenting - only to say that the Chilean volcanoe ruined her birthday trip to NZ, so I do have to pull out the stops on her b'day this year....

Return to work - at least some type of work, at least some type of week,  at least one day a week, maybe even half a day a week.
(nb from her scribe - blogging doesn't count as work)
Hmmmm, well, see the first item ! 
I did take on a volunteering role that I LOVE and hoping to increase that next year,
but my body hasn't allowed it this year. 
Next year.
And I am taking the reins on this one - taking control and making it happen on my terms.

In the words of our esteemed Prime Minister "Move Forward".  I want to keep the momentum from late 2010 into 2011 and the new year ahead.  Which means losing weight, walking the dog, Sunday brunches, heatly eating, enjoying Melbourne, seeing family regularly, and continuing to 'appreciate' good wine throughout. 
I'm not sure 'esteemed' is still appropriate, but I did 'Move Forward' we have continued to do all of the above - so 5/5 - yay us ! 

Continue to handmake or buy handmade as many presents and gifts as possible.
4/5 almost every present I gave this year was handmade or locally made
and I had so much fun with it.
This is definitely on the 2012 list as well. 

Make more of my awesome chutney.
I think was a bit of a lame addition as I tend to remember a batch bubling away as I wrote this list.
But I did make a few batches, so 4/5 

I've had a good year.
Definitely better than others but still some room for improvement.
I'm much healthier and happier than I was two years ago
and I am still just as in love with Georgie and Melbourne as I was a year ago.

So, now to 2012.....
I'm not sure about my list for this year yet.....there are a few things I want and need to achieve,
I'll come with 'the' list ove the next few days.
For now, it's outside to find some relief from this Melbourne heatwave....
did someone say gin and tonics ??
Happy New Year,


  1. Wow, that's quite a list!

    Isn't it a pity that blogging doesn't constitute as work!? I'd love it if it did!

    Oooh, upcycling is awesome. I'm not creative enough most of the time. The only thing I've ever semi-successfully made was a crocodile out of egg cartons for my son to play with. He LOVED it. Should do more. But then again, does that even constitute as upcycling!?

    Happy 2012!


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