Welcome to my blog.

I used to blog elsewhere, but for a variety of reasons, the blog and I just didn't fit. 

So here I am! All of me - well, not all of me, that would just scare you all.....

I'm a big fan of crafting, photography, good food, good wine and Melbourne.

I'm less of a fan but know alot about chronic pain, depression and anxiety.

Here on blog, as in my daily life, I'll attempt to find the delicate between the two lists.

So, please feel free to join me with a cup of coffee or glass of wine and see what sort of adventures we can get up to.

Dee x


  1. Hi there! I just found you via Chantelle's Secret Santa. Wasn't it so much fun!? I live in Melbourne too, have two kids and a crazy/boring life. There's no rhythm.

  2. Happy new year Miss Dee! didn't know you migrated round to here.
    i would love to join you for a cuppa & share in your adventures!
    there's craft grp on tomorrow nite if you are free too..♥


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