And that was Christmas.......

Oh I do LOVE Christmas,

For those wondering what happens to those VERY excited and small children 
who wake up super early on Christmas morning when they grow up..........
they become VERY excited adults who wake up super early on Christmas morning !

and I, dear blog readers, am one of them.
Yes, I still make sure I go to bed before "Santa" puts out our presents,
I wake up at 5.30 am and start playing (and singing) Christmas Carols straight away,
and squeal with delight over the big (iPad) and small (chocolate) gifts:

Christmas Day was perfect.

A beautiful Summer Victorian day that was hot, 
with a spell of rain and hail and then sunny again for the afternoon backyard cricket match :

Seafood :

 and the roast turkey, pork and ham, and all the trimmings
then  plum pudding (cooked by me) still using my Ma's recipe :

Hilarious songs and stories from 'the kids' :

and a heap of thoughtful presents
great wine :

great company :

 and that was Christmas.

Do I really have to wait another whole year for another one ????
Maybe in honour of my English lass I can pull of a "Christmas in July".......

til then, I'll keep the Christmas tree up (sans presents) til Janurary 1 and start planning next year......


  1. I'm one of those adults too!!! I was up at quarter to 6 & nobody else was! Mr wouldn't let me wake the kids up until 7... SO WRONG!


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